Saturday, May 9, 2020

Situs PKV in Online Poker Promotions

The software program Situs PKV, which is in the form of a Multi Level Marketing program has attracted many new clients to this online poker room. This is the result of the successful promotion and marketing campaign by the firm in collaboration with Malay Travel Company. The name of the company was taken from a Malay traditional saying that means: "Life is a journey in the footsteps of the head of Situs".
In Malaysia, there are many different kinds of PKV promotions, one of them is that of the Malay Travel Company to attract more players into their poker room. This particular promotion was conducted through the English version of their online poker network to give a better game experience for their Malaysian players. Players who played in this network were given a code in the form of an email address.
This promotion was conducted to help increase the numbers of online poker games that had been closed down due to the high player number. The players were asked to log in and try the newly opened games. As a result, many players found the poker room's a better place to play the games than the other online poker rooms. At the end of the promotion, there were many players who were anxious to join the PKV promotion since it promised long lasting games.
The company believes that the PKV promotion will be very fruitful for the poker rooms in Malaysia. It will surely encourage more players to play in these sites that offer poker games. This will also result in more players joining the poker room.
The promotion 'Pak Harah Senang Aden' was also conducted under the umbrella of a joint venture between Malay Travel Company and PakHarah, this campaign was a strong encouragement to attract more players to Pak Harah's poker room. Now, players from the Asian continent are able to play their favorite poker games as long as they have an internet connection.
Situs PKV has also hired some well-known players from the online poker scene to offer tips and hints to their players during the live action sessions in the poker rooms. These players provide good tips on how to win and how to survive poker rooms.
In conclusion, it can be said that SitusPKV is doing well in online poker promotions. They are constantly playing host to various promotions and marketing campaigns, such as Pak Harah Senang Aden and the English version of their network. Situs PKV has expanded its popularity and appeal in the online poker scene, and it will continue to gain more players for the long term.

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